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Tuesday, 17 March 2020

How to Be a Good Neighbor During a Pandemic

During these unquestionably uncharted times, it’s natural to give into apprehension and be tempted to over-buy and hoard supplies. Just this week, I ran out of rice and was startled by the empty shelves at both my neighborhood grocery and the Trader Joe’s near Food52’s offices—a sight I’ve only witnessed once before (three years ago, when snow threatened Atlanta, causing staples like milk and bread to be purchased en masse). But there’s an opportunity for us all to consider the impact our choices have on our neighbors, and to take action—even during quarantine—to support our communities at large.

In the United States, one in nine people struggles with hunger. This is further exacerbated during emergency situations like 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and our current COVID-19 pandemic, where income and lifestyle disruptions place an extra burden on families already struggling to meet basic needs.


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