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Friday, 17 January 2020



  1. Top/cheap restaurants in the bay area according to yelp
  2. The first/last time Mr. Rogers sang “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”
  3. Being a cat lady is good for your health. Amen.
  4. Why writing things by hand makes you smarter.
  5. How to help your kid manage anxiety at every age.
  6. Daily routines of famous creative people
  7. The most checked-out books of all time according to the NY Public Library
  8. Friendship overload in the age of social media
  9. The future of cooking— bot chef.  Oh boy.
  10. Underwater photos that amaze.
  11. These companies have the happiest employees
  12. I wish I was alive during the 60s
  13. Middle-Aged success stories!
  14. I have analog clocks all over my house…
  15. This is the french toast of my dreams.
  16. Here’s why your office perks are overrated. 
  17. Dog owners create funny ID tags for their doggos.
  18. How to draw a nose (it’s the hardest part of drawing a face for me!)
  19. I love when the actors on SNL break character due to laughing.
  20. Sepsis is likely to blame for 20% of deaths globally. (that’s how my Mom died)
  21. A 20-year project of taking a selfie every day.


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Sometimes I have cereal for dinner. Sometimes I draw it. #foodjournal

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