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Monday, 2 December 2019

Bacony Brussels Sprouts & Other Recipes We’re Cooking This Week

You couldn’t pay me enough to roast a 17-pound turkey any other day of the year. Unless you’re my editor and you’re paying me to roast a 17-pound turkey next summer, which will probably happen. Totally cool. My point is: While the bird doesn’t translate well to beyond-holiday meals, the sides do. So all those Thanksgiving recipes you couldn’t fit into your menu this year? Make them. This week or next week or next month. Holiday food can be random-Tuesday food, too. Let’s keep the celebration going.

Brussels Sprouts With Bacon Plus Something Else

When our test kitchen started developing its best brussels sprouts with bacon, of course we had Thanksgiving on the brain. But as I tested batch after batch, I thought of them less as a side and more as a main. Crack a couple of soft-boiled eggs on top and serve buttered toast or boiled potatoes alongside. Or, my favorite, toss the whole thing with hot pasta (half a pound of any short shape does the trick) and call it a day. Bonus points for grated Parm or pec on top, but you knew that already.


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