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Sunday, 17 November 2019



  1. I wish I could draw like this.
  2. It could always be worse…
  3. Use your cat as an early earthquake warning.
  4. Celebs with their younger selves.
  5. Here are the most expensive airports in the US
  6. This puppy is a little unicorn!
  7. What will food look like in 2029?
  8. Pumpkin pie or pecan? How about both?
  9. Vintage photos of women & their cats 🙂
  10. My favorite overalls are back that the Gap.
  11. How long does it take to make a friend?
  12. This 9 year old girl is an incredible drummer.
  13. Can you imagine walking under this? Wow.
  14. Whoa. Check out this library.
  15. Some goodness in here.
  16. I never traveled by plane for Thanksgiving. Looks rough.
  17. Why David Sedaris hates the word “AWESOME”
  18. You can buy an at-home medical kit now. Curious!
  19. How about adding my creamed spinach to your Thanksgiving menu?
  20. My currently workbook for 2020 is available for purchase! 



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