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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

4 Make-Ahead French Sandwiches for a Très Magnifique Lunch

I’d never been a sandwich girl—until my first visit to France. That was when I realized that there’s no other French “fast food” as simple and as widely adored as something delicious between two slices of bread. Good baguette, an assortment of charcuterie, strong mustard, and salted butter are all readily available and fairly inexpensive no matter where in the country you find yourself, meaning an excellent sandwich is never out of reach.

When we visited my in-laws, my belle-mère quickly threw together sandwiches for a post-hike picnic. Between winery visits in Bordeaux, we ducked into a tiny boulangerie to see if they could make ham sandwiches, which we ate while sitting on the banks of the Gironde river. And as my husband and I left his parents’ home in the Dordogne to visit some friends a few hours away, his mom tucked a couple of baguettes slathered with butter and stuffed with dried sausage into a bag and handed them to us before we drove off. Pulling into a rest stop and sitting at a picnic table under the trees, I savored every bite of my saucisson-beurre. I’d been converted.


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