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Monday, 29 April 2019

An Unexpected Trick to Keep Your Dishwasher Smelling So Fresh, So Clean

When I bought a dishwasher for my apartment two years ago, I really felt like I’d made it in life. Maybe because in Chinese households, at least the way I remember them, they don’t exist. Even when there’s one right in the kitchen, that’s not a dishwasher. It’s a storage unit at best.

Case in point: this scene from Fresh Off the Boat, when the youngest son in the Huang family, during lunch at a friend's house, learns that the machine his own family uses as a “drying rack” has another purpose. “You mean the thing we put our dishes into after we wash them in the sink?” his older brother asks in disbelief. Thus begins a small generational war in the home as the boys scheme ways to actually use the dishwasher—something their mother hoped would never happen in their lifetime.


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