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Thursday, 21 February 2019

Can You Guess Which Trader Joe's Item Is Most Popular in Your State?

If you were to ask me where I'd go in the event of the Apocalypse, it would 100 percent, without hesitation or doubt, be Trader Joe's. It's my happy place, even when the checkout lines snake around the store three times and they're out of the vacuum-packed, precooked lentils I put in pretty much everything (maddening, right?). I'm sure you can understand why this is the case (hey, it's your favorite grocery store, after all): Trader Joe's has snacks on snacks; it's got sensible-but-swoon-worthy salads and speedy chicken dinners; it even sells soap to get you smelling fresh as a daisy (and it sells actual daisies, too).

So when Workwise, a software company specializing in digital customer-relationship management solutions, put together a list of the most Google-searched Trader Joe's products by state, I was all over it. Would the most popular items match up with what I was already putting in my shopping basket? Or would I find my new favorite product that had been hiding right under my nose?


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