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Friday, 25 January 2019


 I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on I LOVE LISTS All the Costco Kirkland brand booze and who really makes them. No Sweetheart Valentine’s candies this year. 🙁 Invisible labor is taking a toll on women. There’s a new tent that makes it possible to camp underwater. Life hacks! #8 made me lol, but it’s also very clever! According to this food quiz, I’m a risk taker! Puns + animals Flowers = animals I like that we are now creating non-alcoholic bars! Currently loving this salt on salad + popcorn  SO GOOD Now, what kind of box can you put a TV in it so it won’t break? We have water in California!!!!!!!! I really miss all of Oprah’s guest makeovers. This helps. Libraries are my favorite. I love the creativity of the people who work in them! Your gut has something to do with your mental health. Weezer has a new album of covers! I’d love to do this with my mom’s handwriting. What you’re entitled to if your flight is delayed. 60 years of marriage How to spend way less time on emails. Currently loving: Ghost of a Podcast Some Instant Pot tips to read through. More Food journals in the shop!   

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